Collaborating Brands

AlohA Aku, AlohA Mai. Malama Aku, Malama Mai. In giving love, we receive love. In caring for others, we will always be taken care of.
— George Kam



I've spent nearly my entire life around Aloha shirts - from owning and acting as Art Director of Kahala Sportswear, authoring a book, giving lectures and collaborating with companies big and small.

Was born at a time when my parents were starting their own garment company here in Honolulu. Two and a half decades later I started working for my Father, and shortly thereafter was in charge of running our family operation. We made shirts under the HRH label in the 70's and 80's. We acquired the name Kahala in the late 80's and changed our company name to Kahala by HRH.

Authored the definitive book on the history of the Aloha Shirt in 2000 and have continued to work with companies with projects and collaborations.

On this site, you can learn more about the history of the Aloha Shirt, take a look at past collaborations, or view a gallery of some of my favorite designs. Feel free to ask a question about anything related to Aloha Shirts.



You may have heard of Dale Hope, a man who has been working hard to educate the world about the history and charms of this unique garment. Born in Honolulu, and having devoted his life to the Hawaiian clothing industry, he loves, owns, studies and knows more about the Aloha Shirt than anybody else.
— Beams Plus

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