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Dale Hope is the authority on Aloha shirts, which is why we jumped at the opportunity to work with him as Western Aloha’s Art Director. If you’re going to make something unusual like western shirts with Aloha prints, it’s probably a good idea to check with Dale first.
— Paul Sullivan, Western Aloha

This collaboration resulted in the the creation of first edition of Western Aloha’s vintage collection, honoring the legendary textile designer John "Keoni" Meigs. See it here.

Keoni’s art and shirts captured the spirit of the islands, identified a definite Hawaiian sense of place that the wearer could feel. His prints could transform you back to Hawaii if you were on the mainland. His designs were timeless and are still considered to be the standard of excellence to this day.
— Dale Hope


One of the most exciting projects that Quiksilver Retail in Hawaii is most proud of is their collaboration with Dale Hope from Palolo and Gina Davidson from Makaha. Two icons in the Hawaii Fashion Industry. They created a capsule called AlohA Aku, AlohA Mai which featured unique products that were inspired and designed by local artist made exclusively for the Quiksilver Hawaii stores with all of their Mana’o and Mana filled with AlohA
— George Kam, Quiksilver Hawaii
"I give my love to You, You give Your love to me"  "The love You give is the love You receive"

"I give my love to You, You give Your love to me"

"The love You give is the love You receive"

We were inspired by Hawaii's Golden Era to create this collection.

Steph Gilmore taking home the top Surfer Poll Trophy

Lucky Brand

Why Lucky Brand? What made it the perfect collaboration? I’ve always been a fan of Lucky Brand. My entire family is actually. My wife, daughter and I all love and wear Lucky denim. It’s such a great collaboration because Lucky can really elevate the essence and idea of the Hawaiian shirt. Prints are also so on-trend right now, and I don’t foresee that changing anytime in the near future. So, it’s such a great time to introduce these Hawaiian prints for men and especially for women in dresses, pants, shorts, tops, etc. in a way that they’ve never been done before.
— Dale Hope


Beams Japan

You may have heard of Dale Hope, a man who has been working hard to educate the world about the history and charms of this unique garment. Born in Honolulu, and having devoted his life to the Hawaiian clothing industry, he loves, owns, studies and knows more about the Aloha Shirt than anybody else.
— Beams Plus

Muu Muu Heaven

In early 2011, Deb began a collaboration with, perhaps the world’s foremost authority on aloha shirts, Dale Hope, to offer a series of one-of-a-kind vintage aloha shirts at Muumuu Heaven.

Hope For Man

Remember all those times you prayed he wouldn’t pick you up for your date wearing his old college sweatshirt? The angels at Muumuu Heaven heard you. Just released last Friday, their new collection of 250 reworked vintage aloha shirts is truly heaven sent. The collection is in collaboration with Dale Hope, founder of Kahala Sportswear, and is a 35-year retrospective on the history of the aloha shirt. From funky psychedelic colors, to shirts that pay homage to old Hawaii, the pieces in this collection are little wearable moments in history. 

Hope for Man is available at Muumuu Heaven, 767 Kailua Road, Kailua. For more info, call 808.263.3366.

In 2004 our family took a trip to Europe and we stayed in a Mountain village about a hour north east of Rome.
On our trips to visit the city of Rome we took the train. On our last visit to leave the historically rich city I found a vintage clothing store in the station. They had some 60’s vintage Hawaiian shirts and lots of denim. Never thought there would be such a store in a large train station, but was happy to find it and looked carefully at what they had for sale. On some of their jeans were a added embroidery with Chinese characters and the words:

Recycling Headquarters'
Asian Division Depot

At the time I was working with Yvon Chouinard at Patagonia, who was a hard core accomplished sportsman and environmental activist. I shared a photo with him from my trip in the Italian vintage store and he commented that was the ultimate garment, one that has been recycled and had not used any resources to be created. That intrigued me, as with out making garments, Patagonia could not continue its legacy as one of the best and successful companies in America.

A few years later a woman living in Lanikai , who had done well in Los Angeles, asked to meet and discuss how to best put a clothing company together with her young, pre-teen daughter’s. The garment industry is not an easy one, and I suggested a concept that to me, really made sense. Suggested they shop the Thrift stores and find older clothes and come up with a recycled line that they could adorn with their own marks, not having to invest a lot of money, learn about the business and be a pioneer with a recycled clothing line here in Hawaii. They choose to be more ambitious...and perused a traditional approach.
The idea has lingered with me ever since. With the 3 R’s today meaning Reduce-Reuse-Recyle, as we know know by heart, thanks to Hawaii’s environmentally sensitive musician Jack Johnson.

When I met Deb and Eric and they suggested the idea of recycling the shirts that our family has made since my Dad started in the 50’s, the idea was like a marriage in Heaven .... Am stoked to be able to tell the story of how we went about creating our shirts with local artists, artists in Japan and the spinner’s and printers that delivered the best quality textiles that we built a solid reputation with. And all these shirts are a tribute to our cutter’s, seamstress’s, button hole and button operators and pressers at Sun Fashions of Hawaii who stayed with us, through 2 generations, sewing the finest quality garments. Many of our seamstress’s were with us for over 40 years...We are grateful to their contribution as their efforts are often forgotten but they are the true hero’s behind each of the Hawaiian Shirt labels. They sewed with pride and cared about every stitch and seam, placement of each button and label.

We have manufactured shirts in Hawaii for 2 generations, we have loved our islands that have inspired us to create prints that reflect all the aspects of our Island Lifestyle. We have so many favorites, pareau, fish, and flower prints. We share our collection of prints with you that began in the early 50’s with a very limited edition. Let us share your prints story with you...lets wear something from the past that has story and soul and feel good that we have not used resources to create this shirt, this collection, and once again you can wear your true colors...And the earth and oceans will be a bit better for it too...